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Gateway Installation

  1. Unpack the WAVE PTX Gateway hardware
  2. Plug the Ethernet (LAN) cable into the back of the Gateway and plug the other end into an active Ethernet jack. This connection must be Internet-routable and able to reach https://aws.amazon.com/
  3. Power on the WAVE PTX Gateway.
  4. The WAVE PTX Gateway comes equipped with a WiFi connection for initial configuration. Login to a PC with WiFi capability. Ensure WiFi is turned on. Click the Wireless icon in the lower right corner.A list of available connections appears. Search for the following WiFi SSID (Service Set Identifier):
    WiFi Password:  MotoGateway
  5. Connect to the WiFi SSID using MotoGateway as the Password.
  6. Open a web browser on the PC and enter WAVE OnCloud Gateway main interface opens in the web browser.

For full instructions see WAVE OnCloud Gateway Setup.