10. Emergency

Allows dispatcher to initiate an emergency on behalf of the fleet member and participate in case of any life-threatening situation. The emergency calls in nature are always the top priority and preempt any ongoing call except another ongoing emergency call.

Note: The presence status of the fleet member must be “Available” or “DND” to which emergency is being initiated.

10.1        Remote Emergency Initiation

The dispatcher will select the target user and initiate an emergency directly or can perform user check before initiating emergency from the user check block. Depending on the CAT configuration dispatch will receive an alert and an emergency call.

10.2        Emergency Recipient

If an emergency state is declared and the dispatch is a participant of the emergency destination, then and alert will be shown under the Alert tab. The dispatcher can see the other dispatch participants in the emergency call. If the dispatcher is on another ongoing PTT, broadcast or scanned talkgroup call then the emergency call will barge in and dispatcher will join the emergency call. If dispatcher is on an emergency call and a new emergency call is received, then this will be shown under the Emergency Alert tab. The dispatcher can end the ongoing emergency leg of the call for itself and join another emergency call.

10.3        Emergency Cancellation

The dispatcher can cancel the emergency for the target user and mark if the emergency declared is False or Valid emergency. A log will be created in the Alert Logs with the False or Valid to cancel the emergency.

Updated on July 31, 2019

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