11. Geofence

In addition to location service, the dispatcher is also allowed to define a virtual boundary, popularly known as Geofence, to monitor location activity for all talkgroup members. Geofence is circular in shape and it is set using a distance from the fence center. Geofence is of static fence type. The static type of a fence is a fence with any static location on the map as fence center. The dispatcher can add the frequently used geofence to the favorites.

11.1        Fence notifications

Once the fence is defined and enabled, the dispatcher will see the fence overlaid on the map with all the talkgroup member’s location. When any talkgroup member crosses the fence, then Dispatch sends a fence cross notification to that talkgroup member as well as the dispatcher notifying the location activity. The dispatcher is also allowed to set the location reporting updates from talkgroup members at more frequent intervals.

Initial fence notifications

Additional configuration of Initial member notification allows a dispatcher to notify talkgroup members about fence creations and their relative status on the fence when the fence is defined and enabled initially. When set to In-Fence notification, all the talkgroup members inside the fence will receive status notification that they are inside the fence. When set to the Out-fence notification, all the talkgroup members outside the fence will receive initial status notification that they are outside the fence.

Notify me and Notify member

The dispatcher can enable or disable fence notification message for members. Fence notification message for the dispatcher can also be controlled via Notify me settings.

Active boundary duration

Active boundary duration allows a dispatcher to set the duration to monitor talkgroup members’ location activity anywhere starting from 1 hour until 7 days.

11.2        Update interval

The dispatcher can set the location reporting from talkgroup members to more frequent updates. It ranges from 60 seconds at a minimum to an hour. By default, talkgroup member location will be reported to a dispatcher at every 5 minutes.

Updated on July 31, 2019

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