14. Area Talkgroup

The area talkgroups are the talkgroups that are created by the dispatch based on the geographic area and the dynamic members. The dispatch can designate certain members to be static. The static member will always be an active member of the talkgroup regardless of their location. A dynamic member is a member whose active membership in the talkgroup depends if their location is inside or outside the area talkgroup.

The dispatcher can create talkgroups by selecting the 9.0 clients which have critical Communications or business critical package as members. The area talkgroup capable members are shown on the area talkgroup slider under the Area Talkgroups tab. The dispatcher can create a boundary and select the fleet members from the area talkgroup slider to create area talkgroup. The created area talkgroup is shown on the area talkgroup tab under the Contacts and Talkgroups tab. The dispatch owner will be able to assign supervisor role, static and dynamic membership for the members in the area talkgroup.

The dispatcher can add or remove the fleet members and delete the talkgroup anytime from the Dispatch. By default, the dispatcher is designated as supervisor of the talkgroup. The dispatcher who is not an owner of the area talkgroup will not be able to locate the location of the area talkgroup members. The dispatcher allows PTT call origination, messaging and monitoring of the area talkgroup.

Area Talkgroups can be assigned as monitored talkgroups on the dispatch console. A maximum of 250 members are allowed for each talkgroup. The maximum number of area talkgroups allowed per talkgroup owner (dispatcher) is 50 (default=10). This feature is enabled at the system-level.

Note: The area talkgroup name provided by the dispatch owner should be unique across  the system.

Note: At least one member must be a dynamic member to create an Area Talkgroup.

The fleet members in the Area Talkgroup slider which do not have location capabilities will be shown as Static members and the fleet members which have location capabilities will be shown as Dynamic members by default. Dispatcher can choose the dynamic fleet members to be static.

Note: Static members which do not have the location capabilities cannot be made as dynamic.

Dispatcher can remove fleet member(s) from the area talkgroup anytime. Dispatcher can assign or remove supervisory role of any area talkgroup member to do supervisor override for their area talkgroup members.

Updated on November 1, 2019

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