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18. Backup Call Recordings and Secured Messages

The backup action ensures that call recordings and messages including attachments along with the metadata (details) are saved for the future reference. The dispatcher can choose to take necessary action whenever a backup pending message is displayed. In the following conditions a backup confirmation message is displayed:

  1. If there are any call recordings and messages and the dispatcher has not at all taken the backup, then a pop-up message is displayed every time the dispatcher signs in.
  2. If the backup is due and the dispatcher has not backed up, then a pop-up message is displayed on the sign in.

If dispatcher choose not to take the backup, then the recordings and messages older than the configured period will be deleted, and a reminder through a periodic toast message will be displayed until the successful backup is taken.

In the header, a warning icon is displayed next to the Settings if call records and messages are not backed up. The last backup date, backup due date, and configured backup interval are shown under the Settings>General. If necessary, the dispatcher can take the backup anytime from the Settings and the backup file will contain the details after the last backed up date.

The backup file, which is in ZIP format, contains the details of calls and messages in HTML format and a link to the files. The exported call recordings are in MP3 format.

Updated on July 31, 2019

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