8. Locating Fleet Members

The Dispatch uses the Google map service to display the geographic location of fleet members on a map, if location publish is enabled for the fleet members. When the dispatchers click on the marker of a fleet member on a map, a location information window appears that enables the dispatcher to place a PTT call or send a message or send an IPA to the fleet member. To get the location information for a fleet member, the location feature must be enabled on the fleet member’s phone. Also, the fleet member must be assigned as a contact to the dispatcher by the corporate administrator. To locate the talkgroup member, the talkgroup member should be in the dispatcher’s contacts list. To locate the talkgroup member, the members should be of locatable user type and the location publish should be enabled for them.

The Dispatch enables the dispatchers to locate single or multiple fleet members at once. When the member is located, a marker will be displayed on the Google map indicating the location of the member the dispatcher is searching. The dispatcher can manually refresh the location of the fleet member, or the location can be refreshed automatically based on the map setting. The dispatcher can zoom in or out on a map as needed. The dispatcher can set the center of the map or the default location on the map from the Map tab.

8.1   On Demand Location Update

All the fleet member’s location information is updated with a system-wide frequency. This system— wide frequency is decided considering the battery life of the handsets. If battery life is not a concern and the dispatcher need to locate the fleet members more frequently, the On Demand location feature can be utilized. There are two ways the dispatcher can request a fleet member’s location “on demand” which are explained below.

One Time On Demand Location Update

The One Time On Demand location update enables the dispatcher to select a fleet member and get the current location information.

Periodic On Demand Location Update

The dispatcher can periodically refresh the location of a fleet member based on the dispatcher’s On Demand location settings. The On Demand location settings enable a dispatcher to set the frequency and time period for periodic location updates of a fleet member. For example, a dispatcher can set a specific fleet member’s location to update every five minutes for two hours.

Updated on July 31, 2019

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