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Understanding Radio Integration

Radio users are considered subscribers and are added in the Radio System interface. Subscribers are associated by radio ID.

Radio integration requires a WAVE OnCloud Gateway which typically resides at the Customer site and is connected to the local network. The WAVE OnCloud Gateway requires an external Internet connection to reach the WAVE OnCloud Portal for configuration and integration with WAVE Mobile Communicators and Web Communicator clients. It must also have a wireline connection to a supported MOTOTRBO radio system.

When Broadband users sign in to a WAVE client, the client first connects to the WAVE OnCloud service for identification and routing. If their account is connect to a WAVE OnCloud Gateway, then the server system will route their audio to the WAVE OnCloud Gateway if they are transmitting over a Talkgroup that is associated with a radio system. Likewise, radio traffic associated with a WAVE OnCloud Talkgroup is also routed to the WAVE OnCloud servers and sent to the appropriate WAVE clients allowing two-way Push-to-Talk communication.

About Location Data
Location data is not shared between the WAVE OnCloud clients and the radio system. WAVE OnCloud users will be able to view other WAVE OnCloud users who are sharing their location data. They will appear as pins on the Map in the WAVE OnCloud client. Radio users will not appear.

About Push-to-Talk Transmissions
Push-to-Talk between radios and Broadband clients is half-duplex only. When one user is speaking, no other users may transmit. Attempting to transmit when another user is transmitting results in an error tone to notify the user that they cannot currently transmit.

About WAVE User Integration
WAVE Users are subscribed to a radio system to allow them to receive Private Calls from radios. This requires the WAVE OnCloud Employee to associate the WAVE user as a Subscriber and provide them with a unit ID. This ID must fall in the WAVE Subscriber Radio ID Range set during radio system configuration

About Radio Subscribers
Radio Subscribers are configured in the WAVE OnCloud Gateway for two purposes:

  • To provide radio units with an Alias that will appear to WAVE OnCloud users.
  • To provide radio units with a unit ID to receive Private Calls from WAVE OnCloud users.

Radio Subscribers are added in the Radio System section of a Customer portal page.

Updated on April 27, 2020

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