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About Partner Functionality

Partners are the creators and managers of Customer Accounts. Because of this there are features that only Partners and Partner Employees can perform. The “Partner Functionality” section is dedicated to features that may only be performed by Partners. Some of these features include:

Understanding Your Customers

As a Partner, you create and manage your own WAVE Customers or create and assign Partner Employees, delegating them with the authority to create and manage your Customers.

Customers encapsulate Users, Subscribers, Talkgroups, Customer Employees, TLK 100s, and Radio Systems. Each Customer is an individual grouping of these components and isolated by design. They cannot be shared across Customers, ensuring that there is no potential for erroneous cross-communication.

Customers can only be added or deleted by Partners or Partner Employees. Customer Employees may modify the Customer they are assigned to, but cannot add, delete, or otherwise modify any other Customer.

Updated on October 12, 2020

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