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Activating Tablet Users

Users marked with the ‘Tablet’ selection are designed to allow devices without a phone number to connect with WAVE. When they log in using the new WAVE Client, ‘Tablet’ users will be prompted for an activation code. You can generate this code any time. It is only required the first time when the user signs in. However; if you generate a new code, the old code will be invalidated and they will be prompted for the new code the next time they sign in.

Note: Most users should have a phone number for ease of use. Users with phone numbers in the WAVE system do not require Activation Codes and it will be easier for them to sign in using the client. You should try to use phone numbers whenever possible and only create Tablet users when the device has no cellular access.

To generate an activation code

  1. Click Users in the left frame.
    The Users page opens.
  2. Under the Activation Code column for the desired user, click Generate.
    The generated code appears:
  3. If the user has an email address, the activation code is automatically mailed to them. If the user does not have an email address, you will have to send it to them manually.
  4. Click the OK button to return to the Users page.
Updated on April 3, 2019

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