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Associating a Radio System with a Talkgroup

Talkgroups are Broadband-only by default. You can associate any current Talkgroup with any existing Radio System or you can create a new Talkgroup. All transmissions on a Talkgroup associated with a radio system will be shared between Broadband Users on the radio system and radio users on the associated Talkgroup.

NOTE: The following procedure assumes you have already created a Radio System to associate with a Talkgroup. If you have not created a Radio System then see Adding a Radio System.

To associate a Radio System with a Talkgroup
  1. Open the Talkgroups page.
  2. Mouse over a Talkgroup to associate with a radio system and click the Viw or Edit Members icon.
    The Talkgroup editing page opens.
  3. In the Radio System list, select the Radio System to associate with this Talkgroup.
    The page expands to display additional fields. Enter the following information.

    1. In Talkgroup ID, enter the ID of the Talkgroup as it appears in the Radio System.
      The Talkgroup ID controls which Talkgroup in your Motorola Radio System integrates with this Talkgroup for communication with Broadband clients.
    2. In Site, select the Site for the Talkgroup or leave as ‘Wide’ if the Talkgroup should transmit across Sites.
  4. Click the SAVE button.
Updated on July 22, 2021

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