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Connecting Capacity Plus (Single Site and Multi Site) Radio Systems

To integrate a Connect Plus Radio System with WAVE

  1. On the Customers page, click Radio System.

    The Radio System page opens. Initially, the page will be blank.
  2. Click the large plus symbol in the white rectangle to add a radio system.

    The WAVE Gateway Wizard opens.
  3. In CREATE GATEWAY, complete the following steps:

    1. In the Existing Gateway list, select an existing WAVE Gateway if you have one already installed on your network. If you do not have one then you will add it in STEP 3. You cannot use the same Gateway for two radio systems.
    2. In Device Code, enter the device code of your WAVE Gateway hardware. This is the code you used when you configured your WAVE Gateway.
    3. In Device Name, enter a name for your WAVE Gateway. This name is used for administrative purposes and does not appear outside the WAVE Portal.
    4. Click NEXT.
      The Create Radio page opens.
  4. In CREATE RADIO, complete the following steps:

    1. Leave Existing Radio as None if you intend to define a new Radio System. If you have previously created a Radio System and want to duplicate its settings then you can select an Existing Radio system.
    2. In the New Radio System Type menu, select the type of the new radio system. For this procedure, it is assumed that you have selected either Capacity Single Site or Capacity Multi Site.
    3. In Name, enter a name for the new Radio System. The name you enter will only appear in the WAVE Portal and is used for administrative purposes.
    4. Enter the start and end range of the talkgroup ID.
    5. Enter the call hang time duration (ms) for private, group, and emergency calls.
    6. In Private Call Inactivity Timeout (ms), enter the value matching the associated Private Call inactivity timeout duration.
    7. In Max PTT Duration (ms), enter the value matching the associated PTT duration.
    8. In Privacy Type, select the type of privacy. You can select either Clear, Basic, Enhanced, or Symmetric.
    9. Enter the start and end range of the WAVE subscriber radio. The range must not overlap the Talkgroup ID range.
    10. In the Anonymous Unit ID, enter the anonymous unit ID of the radio system. The range must be within the Subscriber ID range.
    11. Click NEXT>.
  5. In CONNECT GATEWAY TO RADIO, complete the following steps.

    1. In Master Repeater IP, enter the IP address of your Radio System.
    2. In Master Repeater UDP Port, enter the master repeater UDP port number of your Radio System.
    3. In MNIS Radio ID, enter the MNIS radio ID to identify the WAVE Gateway to the Radio System.
    4. In the MNIS Link Establishment UPD Port, enter the UDP port that serves as the gateway to the Link Establishment domain.
    5. In the Link Establishment Authentication Key, enter the authentication key for link establishment.
    6. In the CAI Network, enter the value from the Radio System.
    7. In CAI Group Network, enter the network value from the Radio System.
    8. In DDMS Server IP Address, enter the IP address of the Radio System Presence notifier.
    9. In DDMS Watcher Port, enter the receiving network port of the capacity plus presence notifier.
    10. Click NEXT>.
      The FINISH page opens and your Radio System is ready for management. Click the GO TO HOME DASHBOARD button.
Updated on December 4, 2020

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