3. Key Features


The following are brief descriptions of the key features of the Dispatch:

Contacts and Talkgroups – Contacts are also referred as fleet members. The dispatcher can establish a one-to-one call or send and receive Instant Personal Alert (IPA) to or from a contact. A dispatch talkgroup allows one-to-many calls from the dispatcher to fleet members. Contacts and talkgroups are managed by the Corporate Administrator Tool (CAT) administrator. The dispatcher can assign most frequently used contacts and talkgroups to Favorites and can create my talkgroup from Contacts and Talkgroups tab.

PTT Calling – Enables the dispatcher to start or end a Push-To-Talk (PTT) call, record a conversation, and see the talker identity. The Dispatch shows call activities during the call.

Instant Personal Alert – Allows the dispatcher to send and receive an alert to and from a fleet member as a request to call back. An IPA can be sent and received if the dispatcher is in the Available state. An IPA can only be sent to a fleet member whose presence status is “Available” or “Busy (DND).” An IPA can be sent only to a single contact, i.e., it cannot be sent to a group.

Locate – Allows the dispatcher to locate the fleet members on the map. The dispatcher can locate multiple contacts or an individual talkgroup at a time.

Instant Secured Messaging – Allows the dispatcher to text, share multimedia content (i.e., audios, files, images and videos) of supported formats and specified sizes, and share location as an attachment to contacts and talkgroups.

Broadcast Calling – Allows a designated broadcaster to make high-priority one-way calls typically used for making important announcements.

Monitored Talkgroups – Allows the dispatcher to monitor up to 20 active talkgroups and area talkgroups, join an existing active talkgroup call or initiate a new talkgroup call, can locate and send a message to all talkgroup members and view the information of all the dispatchers in the talkgroup.

Talkgroup Scanning – Allows communicating with a corporate talkgroup and area talkgroup monitored by the dispatcher. Whenever a call is active on a talkgroup within the scan list, the dispatcher automatically joins and will be able to take the floor, if desired. When the current call ends, the dispatcher joins the next active call in progress from the scan list.

Map – Provides visual location information of the fleet members in the field and provides an option to allow the dispatcher to make PTT calls or send a message or send alerts to those fleet members, directly from the map.

Geofence – Allows the dispatcher to assign virtual boundary to talkgroup on the map. When a fence is applied to a talkgroup, the notification is sent to dispatcher and fleet members whenever that fleet member crosses the fence.

Location History – Allows the dispatcher to track the path which fleet member has traversed on the map in a specified duration. The dispatcher can select the fleet member and the duration for which path need to be tracked.

Presence – Availability for fleet members is displayed on the Dispatch as presence. Also, the presence of the dispatcher appears to fleet members who have the dispatcher as a contact. Presence status includes “Available,” “Do Not Disturb,” and “Offline.”

Avatar – Allows the dispatcher to change the profile picture of the Contact from the list of avatars available in the Dispatch. By default, all contacts will have an avatar assigned.

Voice Message Fall Back – Allows automatically record and deliver a voice message, when the dispatcher attempts to make a PTT call and the call initiation fails because of all members in DND state or offline or busy or temporarily unreachable.

Alerts – Allows the dispatcher to view Instant Personal Alerts (also known as IPA or call-me alerts), Missed call alerts and Geofence alerts sent to the dispatcher by the fleet members and take action.

Logs – Provides information about recent dispatcher activity on the Dispatch including alerts, PTT calls, audit logs, geofence logs, location reports and audio recordings of recorded calls.

Map Settings – Allows the dispatcher to assign colors for the Contacts/Talkgroups/Common members between talkgroups for easy recognition of the located member on the map.

Location Settings – Allows the dispatcher to select the durations of the contacts or talkgroups location, on demand, geofence and location history. It also allows the dispatcher to set the distance of fence for tracking the member.

Location Expiry – Allows the dispatcher to select the expiry period of a member’s location.

On Demand Location Update Interval Settings – Provides the location information of fleet members listed under contacts on the dispatcher’s demand at variable intervals. On Demand location offers the following types of location information retrieval for fleet members:

On Demand Location Period Settings – Enables the dispatcher to select one or more fleet members and access their current location information.

Geofence Settings – Allows the dispatcher to set the frequency at which the update notifications will be shown when the members are tagged with the geofence. It also allows the dispatcher to set the distance and period to which fence is applicable for the members.

Map Center – Displays the dispatcher the address, latitude and longitude of the center on the map as set by the dispatcher under the Map tab. Also allows the dispatcher to set the radius of the area talkgroup.

Area talkgroup – Allows dispatcher to create a talkgroup with fleet members based on the geographic area. The dispatcher can call, send IPA, send message (text, image, video, document and location), do ambient listening and discreet listening to the area talkgroups.

User Monitoring – Allows an authorized dispatcher to monitor the current situation of a member who is not responding to the dispatcher’s calls, IPAs and messages. The dispatcher then, can activate user check, ambient listening and discreet listening to collect information of that member.

User Check – When the user check is initiated, the dispatcher can view information like the member’s phone number, location, presence status, battery status, last update time, emergency state and signal strength of Wi-Fi and LTE of the member’s device.

Ambient Listening – Once the user check information is displayed, the dispatcher can select ambient listening which then activates the member’s device Mic remotely and allows dispatcher to listen to the member’s surroundings without knowing them and take necessary actions like remote emergency, and enable or disable the member’s device.

Discreet Listening – Allows the authorized dispatcher to listen to any call to and from the selected member without knowing them.

Disable or Enable User – Allows the authorized dispatcher to remotely disable a specific member’s device. The disabled device of the member will no longer have access to PTT and other services until enabled.

Emergency Call – Allows the authorized dispatcher to make an emergency call in case of any life- threatening situation. The emergency calls in nature are always the top priority and preempt any ongoing call except another ongoing emergency call.

WAVE PTT Streaming Video – Allows dispatcher to initiate video streaming on fleet member’s device. Dispatcher can request (confirmed pull) or demand (unconfirmed pull) fleet member for video streaming. If fleet member initiate the video stream, a toast message is displayed. Dispatcher can accept or reject the streaming request.

Operational Status Message – Status alerts allow you to receive status message from the fleet member and to know their quick status such as on-duty, on-route, busy, at-incident, off-duty etc.

Backup and Export – Allows dispatcher to take the backup of call recordings and secured messaged including the attachments along with its details.

The following table lists the standard capabilities of the dispatch.


PTT Calling¹²³
Talkgroup + Private Call + Quick Groups
WAVE PTT Streaming VideoYes
Supervisor Override (Talker Priority)Yes
Broadcast Call OriginationYes
Broadcast Call ModeYes
Large Talkgroup²³3000
Geofence AlertYes
Instant Personal AlertReceive/Send
Missed Call AlertYes
Emergency Missed Call AlertYes
Area Talkgroup Missed Call Alert
Status AlertYes
Video Stream AlertYes
Emergency Call and AlertDispatcher (Receive only)
Remote Supervision by Authorized UserCAT-assigned
User Check³CAT-assigned
Ambient Listening³CAT-assigned
Discreet Listening³CAT-assigned
Enable or Disable Device³CAT-assigned
Remote Emergency CallCAT-assigned
Integrated Secured MessagingYes
Text MessagingYes
Image MessagingYes (as an attachment, does not support camera accessory)

Video Messaging
Voice MessagingYes
Document MessagingYes
Location MessagingYes
PTT voice Message FallbackYes
Broadcast Text MessagingYes
Location Based Talkgroup²³100
Location Tracking for SupervisorYes
Dispatch Application
Incoming Call PriorityYes
Online or Integrated TutorialOnline
PTT Accessory SupportYes
PTT HistoryYes
Administrator-managed Contacts1000
Administrator-managed talkgroups100
Administrator-managed featuresCAT-assigned
User-managed talkgroups30
User-managed members per talkgroup30
Talkgroup scanningUser-controlled scan list (20)
Priority scanningUser-assigned priorities (3)
Talkgroup avatarCAT-assigned


¹ Collaboration package

² Business Critical Package

³ Critical Communications Package

Updated on November 1, 2019

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