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April 2021 Release Notes

Release Notes: WAVE April 2021

April 30, 2021

Features in this Release

  • Security Enhancement to Block Operator access to customer
  • Canada – 2 YR contract support for TLK100/TLK150 devices
  • SLN 1000 post-registration cloning
  • ViQi best practices info

Fixes in this Release

  • Contact cloning takes longer and fails sometimes for more than 240 contacts
  • Software Suite Download Transport not copied while cloning
  • Unable to create a trial account from WaveonCloud.com
  • Error message when add a user using CSV in the rental account even when the user registration is successful
  • Generate activation code throws an unknown error when Email fails
  • SLN hotspot will not update Wifi network password If SSID is not changed
  • Location Watcher is not enabled for Vail Device
  • Blank error message happening when navigating or searching the customer’s page in the portal
  • Updated report status Max value into 10000

April 08, 2021

Fixes in this Release

  • Singapore and Malaysia Region Name changed to Asia
  • TLKs did not receive cellular plans when MVNO Activation failed
  • Unable to add devices from promotion page under activate link
  • On the customer edit page, Active status is not updating
  • Latest partners details updated
  • Not able to create pure LMR subscribers in Singapore

Updated on May 21, 2021

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