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March 2021 Release Notes

Release Notes: WAVE March 2021

March 25, 2021

Features in this Release

  • EVOLVE Device support for Korea
  • EVOLVE Device support for Japan
  • Replace device support for EVOLVE devices
  • EVA Changes for Multi-Region Support
  • WRG Helix Current firmware version updated to 505
  • Optimized notifications records

Fixes in this Release

  • User unable to export Billing reports for larger data
  • Unable to add devices from promotion page under activate link
  • All the users are not deactivated when the Customer was deactivated
  • Customers moved to MSI default partner when the original partner is deactivated
  • Wifi hotspot password minimum length validation is required
  • Unable to modify the number of Talk Groups for a customer
  • The billing option is showing for rental partners which are not applicable
  • Unable to manage subscriptions on Radio One NITRO account (CW)
  • Blank error message happening on QA (wavecloudconnect) and PROD environments when navigating or searching the customer’s page in the portal

Updated on April 16, 2021

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