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June 2021 Release Notes

Release Notes: WAVE June 2021

June 30, 2021

Features in this Release

  • LMR Interop as a true add-on feature is no more a free license for both Non-Rental and Reseller (Applicable now only US region).

Known Limitation and Issues

  • For the Collaboration customers with Radio System configured (except LMR free promo customers), there are temporary limitations, where the users can make and receive an Interop call without having an LMR Interop add-on. This behavior is temporary until a server upgrade is performed (After 9th July). Post server upgrade, these subscribers cannot send or receive calls unless an LMR Interop add-on license is purchased. It is recommended that customers should not configure any subscriber for interoperability unless an LMR add-on is purchased.
  • WOC is Not able to create New Customer for initial attempts
  • Missing Radio Icon for TLK100 in WAVE Devices Page

June 12, 2021

Features in this Release

  • Large Talkgroup Support (applicable only for Standard Groups) on WOC Portal
  • Operator Okta login for MVS and Production

Updated on September 13, 2021

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