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No Audio from Radios to Broadband Clients


No audio is coming through to WAVE Broadband clients when a connected radio transmits.


Is audio coming through from Broadband clients to the radios? If so, then this is a ‘one-way’ audio issue. Contact support immediately. If audio is coming through to Broadband clients from the radios but the radios cannot hear Broadband clients then something is stopping the flow of data in one direction only.

If neither Broadband or Radios can hear each other then it is probably a configuration issue.

Possible Reasons

The first thing to check is to ensure that your Talkgroup is configured with the correct ID to match the radio system. The ID specified in the Talkgroup must be identical to that in your Radio System. Open the Talkgroup you are using and verify the Talkgroup ID is correct.

The second thing to check is the connection between the Radio System and WAVE to ensure that the WAVE Gateway is configured correctly. This sets the parameters WAVE uses to integrate with your Motorola Radio System. Ensure all values are correct according to your radio system.

Potential Solutions

Reconfigure the WAVE Gateway connection.

Verify the Talkgroup is correct for your Radio System.

Verify your Radio handsets are on the correct Talkgroup.

Verify that your WAVE User is assigned to the correct Talkgroup.

Updated on May 20, 2019

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