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Rental Partner Navigation

When a Partner or Partner Employee signs in to WAVE they are presented with the Partner screen. The left-screen navigation shows the following options:
This is the Partner Employee or Partner Home screen. The ‘Partner’ in this case is employee of the Distributor manages. The Partner screen shows the number of customers, new customers, and active customers. This is not the full list of Customers. Click Customers to view all Customers.

When in a Customer screen, Partners and Partner Employees will see a Partner link at the top of their menu. This will take them back to the Partner Home page. In the screenshot below, a Customer named ‘Sydney Infrastructure’ has been opened for editing. The ‘Sydney Infrastructure’ Customer belongs to the Sydney East Rental Partner. Clicking ‘Sydney East Rental Partner’ at the top left will take the user back to the Partner screen where all other Customers of the Partner may be viewed or selected for editing.

The main purpose of a Partner is to create Customers and Employees. When a Partner creates a Customer, they are automatically added to that Customer as an Employee with an Employee Customer Support role. This allows the Partner to act as an Employee of the Customer account initially, however; it is the ‘Employee’ account that allows the Partner to do this. It is not the Partner account. Once the Partner’s Employee account is removed from a Customer, the Partner will no longer have access to the Customer. If you are a Partner, ensure that you create and assign Employees to a Customer before removing your own Employee account from that Customer.

Updated on August 4, 2020

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