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Subscriptions Management

Add Subscriptions and Licenses

When you create a Rental Distributor account, the account does not have any subscription or licenses for the PTT communication. You need to add a subscription to start the services for your account.

To add subscriptions to your distributor account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your distributor account with credentials.
  2. A distributor’s main page displays. Click the Settings icon in the header.
  3. From the Settings drop-down, select Account.
  4. Click Manage Subscription.
  5. Click Add Licenses to add the licenses that you want.
    Click to Remove Licenses that you purchased previously.
  6. You can Upgrade to Critical Communications or Downgrade to BROADBAND depend on your subscription.
  7. To cancel all the subscriptions, click CANCEL ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS.
  8. The new subscription details show on the Distributor home page.

                 Clicking the More Transactions on the Distributor home page shows the transaction history of the account.

                 Click Manage My Account to view the subscription details and remaining balance of your account.

Updated on August 4, 2020

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