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Understanding Licensing

Licenses are assigned to a WAVE User. You may create as many WAVE Users as you wish, but only a number equal to your license may be active at any one time. Inactive WAVE Users cannot sign in via their clients. The following image from the Users page shows how to check the Status of Users to see if they are Active or Inactive.

You may activate or inactivate Users at any time to swap out those that are able to sign in to WAVE. Users that are Disabled no longer consume a license and are signed-out of WAVE if they are currently signed in. The number of licenses (Active Users) you can create is listed at the top of the page.

Important: Employees of a Customer account can change the license allotment to the account any time they wish. This will automatically effect the billing of the account. Ensure customers are aware of the change to their billing and cost prior to adding or removing licenses.

License and billing information is available via the Account page. Employees of a Customer with an Admin or Billing role can access the Account page.

Updated on April 3, 2019

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