Understanding Talkgroups

Talkgroups are associated with a Customer and may not be shared between Customers.

Talkgroups represent individual collections of WAVE Users and Subscribers (radio users). When a user transmits or sends a text message over a Talkgroup, all other users signed in to that Talkgroup receive the audio transmission or text message. Maps are also Talkgroup-specific and show only those users on the selected Talkgroup.

Talkgroups may be assigned to WAVE Users, Radio Systems, or both. Talkgroups do not consume a license. More than 16 Talkgroups may be assigned WAVE Users, but WAVE Broadband clients can only activate up to 16 Talkgroups simultaneously. Broadband Users may determine which Talkgroups are active or inactive on their client.

Talkgroups can be of three types: Standard, Dispatch, and Broadcast. You can create large talkgroup for the customers. A Large Talkgroup is a Standard Talkgroup with a capacity upto 3000 members per talkgroup. Large talkgroup can be converted to a Standard talkgroup once you remove excess members above 250.

Operator users can configure the Number Of Large Talkgroups allowed for a customer. When operator user configures the number of Large Talkgroups, make sure that the customer is in Safeguard Package (Command).

Note: Maximum number of Large Talkgroup allowed per customer is dependent on the server capacity.

About the Talkgroup Menu
When you mouse-over an existing talkgroup, the group changes to show the existing Users assigned to that Talkgroup. Additionally, three icons appear at the top right corner of each Talkgroup.
User the icons to quickly Copy, Edit, or Delete a Talkgroup.

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Updated on September 13, 2021

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