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Volume Low between Mobile Communicators and Radios


When a Mobile Communicator transmits to a Radio, the volume from the Mobile Communicator sounds low.


Transmit from a WAVE iOS or Android Mobile Communicator over a Talkgroup connected to a Radio System. Then transmit from a radio over the same Talkgroup. Is the audio at the same amplitude? Does the radio sound louder than the WAVE Mobile Communicator?

Possible Reasons

Possible reasons could include an amplitude difference in the microphone pickup for the Mobile Communicators.

Potential Solutions

Try holding the WAVE Mobile Communicator closer to your mouth when speaking into the microphone.

Adjust the radio amplitude to increase the volume.

Check your mobile device to see what other applications are running that might use the microphone and shut them down.

Try rebooting your mobile device and testing again with only the WAVE client running.

Updated on May 20, 2019

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