1. Introduction

The Dispatch is a feature-rich browser-based application that enables organizations to manage daily dispatch operations effectively.

Dispatch allows PTT calling, locating fleet members, secure text and multimedia messaging, WAVE PTT Streaming Video , status alerts, user monitoring, managing alerts, view location history, manage geofence, manage area talkgroup, monitor user, manage emergency and indicates presence through an intuitive user interface. The dispatcher can sign in from wherever the Internet connectivity is available and manage the activities for a set of mobile PTT users (also called fleet members) working in the field. Dispatch enables an organization to effectively manage the day-to-day dispatch operations and rapidly respond to incidents, emergency situations, customer requests, facility events, and other situations that require quick actions.

1.1   Scope

This document provides a list of features and functionality available to the Dispatch users (dispatchers) as part of the PTT solution.

1.2   References

  1. WAVE Dispatch User Guide
  2. WAVE Broadband PTT Product Specification

1.3   What’s New in Release 9.1?

The following features are new in this release:

  • WAVE PTT Streaming Video to initiate and receive video calls to and from the fleet members.
  • Drag and drop or cut and paste attachments in the secured messages.
  • Preview and add text with the attachments in the secured messages.
  • Export messages with or without attachments under the Message tab.
  • Back up of messages (with the attachments) in addition to the previous call recording backup only.
  • Receive status alert from fleet member and take appropriate actions.
  • Enhanced Ambient Listening capabilities (maximum call duration and call reconnect).
Updated on November 1, 2019

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