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May 2018 – WAVE 2.0 is Live

The WAVE 2.0 BETA period has ended as of 5/11 2018. All Customers now have upgraded to WAVE 2.0.

Partner Features

  • 2.0 Customer Assignment
    It is no longer necessary to assign specific Customers to the WAVE 2.0 upgrade. All Customers will now see the Upgrade banner on their portal page.
  • Updated Add Customer Wizard
    The process for adding a Customer account has been streamlined. New fields are available and a step-by-step Wizard will walk you through all required steps.

Customer Features

  • WAVE Upgrade Wizard
    Provides the Customer with a quick step-by-step upgrade process.
  • Updated Add Radio System Wizard
    Provides the Customer with a quick step-by-step process for adding a Radio System.
  • Support for WiFi-Only (Tablet) Users
    Customers can now add users without a phone number by sending them an activation code.
  • Support for account sign-up from the Mobile Communicator App
    Customers can now sign-in and create a WAVE Customer account from the mobile client.

User Features

  • Support for the new WAVE Communicator App
    The new WAVE Mobile Communicator is available for download and operation by users. New features include:

    • New mapping features such as Pin dropping and quick Group view.
    • Enhanced notifications, ‘Call Me’ messages, Missed Call Alerts, and more.
    • Persistent History maintained between sessions.
    • Video and Image transmission between Talkgroups or Users.
    • Background Calling.
    • LMR Interoperability.
    • Easy Upgrades
  • Support for WiFi-Only (Tablet) Users
    Users can now operate WAVE without a phone number using an activation code sent by a Customer.
  • Support for User Portal Access
    Users may be given permission to sign-in to the WAVE portal belonging to their Customer’s account. This provides users with the ability to manage other Users and Talkgroups.
  • Web Communicator Deprecated
    The WAVE Web Communicator has been removed from WAVE 2.0. A new version of the WAVE Web Communicator will be released in the near future.
Updated on July 30, 2019

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