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Adding a Radio System

There are several steps to adding a radio system.

First you will need to obtain a WAVE Gateway. You can do so by subscribing to WAVE with radio integration. You will be asked to select a Partner during sign-up. The Partner will contact you and schedule a date and time to come to your location and install the WAVE Gateway. The instructions for installing the Gateway are located in the How do I setup my network for LMR Integration topic. In general, your Partner will be handling this for you.

After setting up your WAVE Hardware, you’ll want to setup your Broadband clients first. The instructions for quickly setting up Talkgroups and Users for your WAVE account can be found in the Quick Start – Broadband topic.

Once you have Broadband communication setup and working, follow the instructions in the Quick Start – Radio Integration topic to create a WAVE radio system for your supported Motorola Radio System and integrate communication with Talkgroups.

After completing these instructions you will have a working WAVE system. From this point you can add or modify Talkgroups, Subscribers, Users, or add additional radio systems if you wish to integrate more than one Motorola Radio System.

Updated on April 3, 2019

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